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On an occasion of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one’s mind. It becomes a pleasure.

Oscar Wilde

Pennsylvania High School Speech League

Parliamentary Debate Winners

2016 ~ CHASE MILLER, RAAHEMA DURRANI, SPENCER MILLER (Upper St. Claire High School, Pittsburgh)

2014 ~ CHASE MILLER, JAMES MILLER, MARY GENSANNER (Upper St. Claire High School, Pittsburgh)

2013 ~ MONICA BURKE, HANNAH ANDERSON, KATHERINE BAUM (Danville Area High School, Danville)

2012 ~ JOSH CUSTER,JOSIAH JORICH, BRIAN PETERS (Bible Baptist High School, Shiremanstown)

2011 ~ NICK BOZICH, LEE BESNER, MARK DiPLACIDO (McDowell High School, Erie)

2010 ~ FRANK COSTA, JEMILA ADOKI, DAVID JIMENEZ (Shady Side Academy, Pittsburgh)